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Shanghai world financial center for travel

Date: 2014-10-26

Shanghaiglobalfinancialhub Shanghai world financial center is Japan's mori building co., LTD (MoriBuildingCorporation) as the center, the joint more than 40 companies such as Japan, the United States invested project, total investment of more than 105 billion yen (more than $1 billion). The original design, 460 meters high, project land area of 30000 square meters, a total construction area of 381600 square meters, close to jin MAO tower. A total of 100 Shanghai world financial center, of which 100-100 layer is for sightseeing. Many (97) layer at the bottom of the DaoTiXing sightseeing overpass, while DaoTiXing top 100 layer set about 55 meters long VIP sightseeing day pavilion, 474 meters high sightseeing day pavilion will be the world's highest observation deck, will more than the known as "the world's highest tourism agency" the CN tower in Canada (height is 447 m), make guests feel the Shanghai city sightseeing in the wide space. Layer is also equipped with 94, in addition, the building area of 700 square meters, the interior of the clear height of 8 meters sightseeing hall, meet the needs of the ordinary sightseeing. Stroll in the 474 - meter - high sightseeing day pavilion, like a walk in the cloud. Overlooking the Shanghai huangpu river scenery in fundus, can smooth inspect the apexes of the Oriental pearl tower, can feel the jin MAO tower on the roof of their feet.