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"Perfect" painting and calligraphy gathering will be held in

Date: 2014-04-26

"Perfect" painting and calligraphy gathering will be held in nanjing dong lu Shanghai LvYouPin mall pride in the new world. The exhibition by the Chinese traditional craft research institute, Shanghai trade professional committee of the host culture, Shanghai museum of ink jiangnan academy, new world center, Shanghai jade art hall gave rise to modern joint undertaking. Exhibition takes the concept of wang qing, Huang Quanchang, Wang Xuanming, HangYing, Hu Kao, Qian Er into over, WengGuoLiang, Zhao Fen, music, Shang Baoling, Xu Sihao, Chen Yuhu 12 contemporary Shanghai home of outstanding works, such as both beasts, traditional Chinese painting, landscape painting of flowers and birds have historical and mythological works again. 21 at 2 PM, the artists will be at the scene of the exhibition and painting and calligraphy lovers interactions.